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2017 Poster genital monologues.png

Genital Monologues Poster

A poster advertising the Genital Monologues, Denison's own version of the Vagina Monologues. This is a student produced, written, acted, and directed performance piece that it made up of short pieces depicting and exploring the sexual and gender…

Allison Armbrister.pdf

Allison Armbrister Interview

The interview of Allison Armbrister, conducted by Sheilah Wilson in the summer of 2015.


Robin Bartlett Interview

An interview of Robin Bartlett by Sheilah Wilson conducted in the summer of 2015.


Lisbeth Lipari Interview

An interview with Lisbeth Lipari done by Sheilah Wilson.


Safe Zone Minutes Notebook

A log kept by the Safe Zone secretary in Spring 2013 during Safe Zone meetings. It has the notes from the general member meetings and the executive board meetings.

Queer Night Fall 2016 .pdf

Queer Night Fall 2016

Queer Studies 238: Queer Night Fall 2016 course outline. The instructors were Ron Abram and Bill Kirkpatrick; there is a course summary and a grading outline for the course.

Juan Gabriel -El Divo De Juarez-.pdf

Juan Gabriel "El Divo De Juarez"

A zine about Juan Gabriel, a Mexican singer and song writer. The zine is a memorial to him and to commemorate his death. He was a LGBT hero to many people in Mexico.

Queer Women of Color .pdf

Queer Women of Color

A zine containing information about intersecionality and the ways that it effects queer women of color in such a distinct way. It contains a list of movies about queer women of color.

Herb Ritts .pdf

Herb Ritts

A zine about gay photographer Herb Ritts and the work he did throughout his life along with a collection of his photographs.

Rufus Wainwright.pdf

Rufus Wainwright

A zine filled with prose by Rufus Wainwright, a poet.

Fashion dies when its taken too seriously .pdf

Fashion Dies When its Taken too Seriously: Perry Ellis

A zine based on Perry Ellis, a flip book styled zine about fashion. Mixing and matching of clothing.

Alena Lassen.pdf

FYRE Application: Alena Lassen

An application to the outlook FYRE program filled out and submitted by Alena Lassen.

Training Agenda Fall 2014.pdf

Safe Zone Training Agenda: Fall 2014

A training agenda for the Safe Zone training course leader from fall 2014. It lays out what the trainer will go over with the people who will be taking part in the course. It includes what will be talked about and what order to bring things up in.

Trainee Manual 09-10.pdf

Trainee's Manual 2009-2010: Safe Zone

A manual used to train outlook members to make Denison a Safe Space and more inclusive community for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender identity, and romantic affiliations. 13 pages